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For just $5 a month, less than the price of an expensive cup of coffee, you can make sure a Saskrotch has a little walkin' around money.

Here's what you'll get:
Early access to future albums, which you'll also get for free
Soundtracks for games that haven't come out yet
Live shows (I'll be recording them from now on)
DJ mixes
Releases that won't shop up on this bandcamp page for some reason
Anything I can't sell
Releases from side projects

(There's two FKIN IGNVNT EPs and a mobile game soundtrack already included in the subscriber package)

I'll be trying to figure out all kinds of other things I can offer you guys cause why the fudge not

What you get:

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I write chipmusic, mostly chipbreak or fakebit, and am starting to compose music for video games. And I'm a mess.

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